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Thanksgiving Shopping List For Your Kitchen

The holidays are upon us, and we want to make sure you have all of the necessary gadgets to pull off the next few months without a hitch.  Our Thanksgiving Shopping List For Your Kitchen will highlight 10 items you need to make all of your cooking dreams come true!

Thanksgiving Shopping List.

1. Thermoworks Thermometer

When it comes to cooking a turkey, chicken, or ham – you absolutely, positively need a good thermometer. We love Thermoworks because they reads the temperature in 2-3 seconds, they are incredibly accurate, and they are easy to use.

Our favorites are the thermapen, and the chef alarm.  The Thermapen is so easy to use and handy to store.  The Chef Alarm is the perfect thermometer for your turkey because you can leave the probe inside to the bird while it’s cooking, and alarm will sound when it reaches your desired temperature.  Absolutely no burned turkey!

Thanksgiving Shopping List Items - thermoworks thermapen

2. Titan Peeler

With lots of veggies to peel – the titan peeling is a must for the holidays.  Peel your potatoes in seconds!  The blade on this guy is serrated, so it always stays sharp.  This is a purchase you will use all year long and will never regret!

The titan peeler.

3. KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer

When it comes to the holidays – a stand mixer is a staple.  Mix dough for bread, crust for pies, make mashed potatoes, and whip whipped cream.  This is the jack of all trades and will give your hand mixer a permanent place in the donation bin.


Kitchen aid mixer.

4. Braiser

A Braiser is kind of a combination of a skillet and a dutch oven.  Its the perfect shape for casseroles and stews.  It also made of versatile cast iron allowing it to go from stovetop to oven.

le crueset braiser in carribean.

5. Meat Injector

If you want a turkey that will knock your socks off – you need to inject it with flavor.  We have a step by step tutorial for smoked or fried turkey using this method.  This gadget is affordable, and will made a big impact.


Thanksgiving shopping list - turkey injector.

6. Roasting Pan

If you are baking your turkey – and we have a killer recipe for that – you’ll need a roasting pan.  We love this Copper Chef one because it cooks evenly and is easy to clean.

Copper Chef Roasting Pan

7. Carving Knife

You’ll need a carving knife to carve your turkey this holiday season.  We are big fans of Zwilling/Henckles knives and their carving set is no exception.  Carve your turkey with ease with this sharp blaze.

8. Pie Dish

We love this Fiesta Pie Dish because it is so durable!  You can make a lifetime of pies in this pan and never have to replace it.  They heat their ceramic and a very high heat making them chip resistant and durable.  They also come a variety of colors.

Fiesta pie dish.

9. Stock Pot

When it comes to serving a crowd – a stock pot is a must.  Cook potatoes, brine your turkey, and cook up a big pot of soup.  We love this Le Creuset one.  The quality of this pot is unsurpassed.  Keep this pot and make lots of memories for specials meals with family for many many years.

Le Creuset Stock Pot

10. Jelly Roll Pan

I love my jelly roll pan.  I made homemade rolls, pumpkin rolls, cookies, and roasted veggies on mine.  It is definitely one of the most used items in my kitchen.

Jelly roll pan.

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  1. Ahaha to be honest, at first I expected to see a grocery list :) I’ve never seriously thought about the necessity of a good thermometer or a meat injector. And now I know! Thank you for such a detailed post!
    I’m going to finish my shopping list. It seems to me that I have something else to add :)

    1. Thanks for your comment Anna – I hate being stuck running to the store for a gadget I need on the day of the feast. So we thought we’d throw this out there. :)

  2. Oh my goodness! Thank you so much for this – I don’t even own a thermometer! I’m going to grab one now before I’m stuck guessing when the turkey is ready!