Cranberry Spiced Cider

I just love warm cidery drinks. They don’t leave me as heavy and calories down like I feel after a cup of hot chocolate (don’t get me wrong there are many times when a frothy hot cocoa is calling my name too), I just feel warmed and refreshed. It’s even better when a blanket and or book (or my favorite TV show hehe ) is involved. My cute friend, who is also gave me this cranberry salsa recipe to share, made this Cranberry Cider for a church event last Thanksgiving.

The other day when I was making this for an afterschool treat when my daughter walked in after being dropped off from school and took a few deep breaths. In between breaths said “Mom, (breathe) can I have some of that (breathe) apple pie or (breathe) whatever it is you are making? (breathe). This Cranberry Cider makes your house smell soooo dang good. I felt like it was Christmas, my daughter obviously thought it smelled like homemade apple pie, later even my neighbor walked in and commented on how good my house smelled. Breathing it all day only makes it that much more tantilizing to wait to drink. Sometimes that can be the downfall of a crock-pot dish.

This is the easiest Hot Cider drink you will make!

You will need whole cloves, You can add them to your Crock-Pot as is or wrap them in cheesecloth. I like to place them in my tea strainer and let that sit in the crockpot. You’ll also need cranberry & apple juice, cinnamon sticks and brown sugar.

You simply place ingredients in the crockpot and let simmer for several hours.

This cranberry spiced cider is PERRRFECT for these chili holiday nights. It’s funny how the feel and smell of food effects more than just your stomach. When you make this drink it will put the warm holiday spirit into your home as well as your soul :)  Make it at home, for parties, set it up at your work for a day, and let co-workers fill their mugs with a little cider instead. Bring it to book club, or have it ready for an snack after Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas eve or just a cold fall/winter night. Pa-lently of places and ways to make this and share its warmth.

Cranberry Spiced Cider

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Cranberry Spiced Cider


  • 1/4 cup brown sugar
  • 3 cinnamon sticks
  • 1 Tablespoon whole cloves
  • 8 cups cranberry juice
  • 6 cups apple juice

  • *optional- Cheesecloth


  1. combine and stir all ingredients in a slow-cooker/ crock-pot and let cook for 3-6 hours.
  2. *you may put cloves in cheese cloth to make serving easier. Or strain before serving.

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