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Why choose Elkay for your home

From modern design to using the best quality of products I’m showing you why I choose Elkay and why you should too. In my search for all things from appliances to my kitchen sink I was on the hunt for the best priced, best quality products. In the end I chose ELKAY for several areas of my home and here is why!

These products were given to me by Elkay, all opinions are my own.


I love the idea of an apron sink, aka farmhouse sink. However the traditional style of a farmhouse sink, with rounded rustic edges is not what I was looking for. If you are in the same boat- needing a modern farmhouse sink check out the Elkay Farmhouse Sink.

I picked an undercount sink, I prefer this for cleaning purposes. But they have both undermount and over mount.

I LOVE the white ricotta color, and clean modern lines.

When it came down for quartz vs fireclay in terms of durability, pros and cons it really is a toss up. Both are really great choices and Elkay does have the option for both! Both will hold up to scratches, heat and stains amazingly well. In the end I picked quartz for the size and look.


This is the biggest complaint I hear from friends and readers with white sinks. White sinks, it seems not matter what the material get scuffed up and discolored. So how do you clean it?

  1. Use a gentle cleaner like bar keepers friend. it will scrub off all the stains and scuffs in a jiffy.
  2. For extra stubborn scuffs use a mr. clean magic eraser + Bar keepers friend (you can find this in the cleaning isle at most major stores).

PRO TIP: use a wire rack to keep scuffs from happening. Most white sinks will have one you can purchase with the sink. Elkay does sell a great one. I never take it out other to clean my sink


Elkay has a wide range of faucets for everyone! If you are a at home chef who loves to cook I highly recommend going with their semi-professional line of faucets.

I love that the faucets can pull down and adjust for a deep cleaning with my large amount of dishes.

The facets have both a regular stream and a pressure wash! Both are essential. 


This has been one of the best choices we made in our new build- adding a water fountain.  There are so many drinking fountains out there that when we decided what we wanted there really was only one choice. ELKAY.

What we’re our qualifications?

  1. Filtered water
  2. Chilled water

We didn’t find another fountain that performed this good!

Plus the added bonus of a water bottle filler and the beautiful stainless steel design on the entire feature sold us.

We placed our water fountain right by the laundry room, coming in from the garage and right around the corner from the kitchen so whether your playing outside or eating in the kitchen it is never far away.


Although a drinking fountain seems extra fancy this water fountain in our home is more for purpose than for show. I have 5 busy kids (4 of them are boys) and we often have a house full of friends. These little boys run, play and get extra thirsty! Having this drinking fountain in our home has kept the cups to a minimum, and all the kids hydrated.

WE LOVE OUR WATER BOTTLES. We take them everywhere. School, errands, to work in the yard, sports and this filtered water for our water bottles has not only provided us with great tasting water but encouraged us to drink more water because of its taste and ease. We rarely pick up the store bought plastic water bottles anymore.


It’s been about 6 months since we have lived with and use thoroughly with these products and I’ve been very happy with all of them. The water fountain is used so often! It does require a little more cleaning than i expected- but I know my well water is has many minerals standard city water doesn’t that is causing a lot of the build up. It is super easy to clean with a gentle abrasive scrub however and looks brand new if I do this once or twice a week.

We’ve had no issues with our sink staining or permeant scratches, and our faucet has been perfect! We have loved all our elkay products!

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