Tips & Goods | December 5, 2017

Cookie Packaging Ideas

Tis the season for baking and cookie making.  This time of year it seems I am making cookies for holiday parties, cookies for the neighbors, cookies for class treats, and cookies for my family to enjoy.  With all of these cookies, there has to be a better way to package them than on a paper plate with plastic wrap! Today I’m sharing some cookie packaging ideas that I like to use.
I am a big fan of pretty packaging – I love to wrap presents and I am always a sucker for a makeup item in adorable packaging, so why not package up your cookies in an inexpensive, but adorable way?  I promise the receiver will be delighted to receive something so darn cute…and delicious!

Bob’s Red Mill

This week we’ve teamed up with Bob’s Red Mill to show off some of our favorite cookie recipes.  The base to every good recipe are quality ingredients.  This is something I had to learn the hard way.  Your hard work in the kitchen just isn’t as good when you skip on the ingredients.  I have been so impressed with Bob’s Red Mill.  My cookies turned out so darn good!

Give The Gift of Homemade

There is something really special about giving a gift from your kitchen.  It took time, thought, and love.  We hope that this week you are inspired to give a baked good to a neighbor, a friend, or someone who needs a smile.  Serving with food is something that is near and dear to my heart.  You just can’t replace that feeling of comfort you get from a homemade item with something you bought at the store.

Package Them In A Cellophane Bag

My first packaging idea is simple and one I have done over and over again.  Stack your cookies high and place them in a cellophane bag.  Tie the bag with some festive ribbon or bakers twine and add an ornament or tag.  I love to use this packaging for my beacon hill cookies, or oatmeal raisin cookies.

Package Them In A Pringles Can

I actually stole this idea from my grandma.  She would keep her empty and clean Pringles cans all year long.  Around the holidays she would fill them with cookies or a pumpkin roll.  She would cover the cans with wrapping paper, but I chose a pretty piece of scrapbook paper and a little baker’s twine.  This is the perfect packaging for ginger snaps!

Package Them In A Mason Jar

Mason jars are a classic look and very inexpensive.  They are perfect for smaller cookies like white chocolate raspberry cookies.  You can really dress them up by adding a little lace or twine.  Try tying on a jingle ball or a sprig of holiday greenery.  You can purchase mason jars at most grocery stores, big box stores, and craft stores.

Package Them In A Box

This is the best way I have found to package sugar cookies.  Sugar cookies are a classic for the holidays.  What better way to display your decorated sugar cookies than to lay them out in a beautiful box. I found these treat boxes at the craft store.  They are about a dollar a piece and come in a variety of patterns and sizes.

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