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Top Kid Dinnerware Products


Over the years we have been contacted by several companies and have tried soooooo many different children dishes, serving ware, dinnerware, cups, bibs, snack packs and cups. YOU NAME IT! We’ve also spent our own money on trying out different brands. So I wanted to share with you the children’s dishes that have made the cut in our house. The ones that work too dang well to giveaway to friends and the goodwill truck ;) and guys this is NOT sponsored. But you can shop everything on the post by click on this slider, or their links!


  1. EcoVessel! LOVE LOVE their Triple Insulated Stainless Steel water bottle! My children take theirs to school daily and are rough on it! but even better yet, it stays cold forever! We had ice in it for over 24 hours on a hot pool day and the following day I went to wash it out and it STILL had ice inside. crazy.
    Replay Santa Baby (1 of 1)-2
  2. Replay Recycle LOVE replay. I feel like a broken record. ha ha. but really we have really enjoyed reply. the divider plates and portioned divided sections are the perfect size (we have had divider plates with badly portioned sections where you can’t fit anything in them) We love their spies, their bowls, their servingware. If you are in target or walmart so your self a favor. Throw away you messed up, cheap IKEA dishes and grab these babies.
  3. Boon Catch bowl and Silicone Sippy The silicone sippy is new and its definitely our new favorite. We did do a post on it more recently- I can use it on various cups, take a lid in my purse for when were out and about (and know the straw and lid from a resturant will eventually tip and spill everywhere)  The catch bowl has been wonderful for my little independent baby. He has been one who wanted to feed himself every single meal, but is so messy. The catch bowl really catches the milk drips from cereal, noodles, or most anything from falling straight down into his lap. I do love Boon’s plates with the silicone non-slip bottoms too. fabulous for little ones learning to feed themselves. 
    Pigs in a Blanket-10
  4. EvoVessel Collapsible Silicone Snack Cup & their Stainless Steel Snack Cup To stall any 2 year old tantrums I need snacks! constantly snacks. These snack cups win hands down. the silicone collapses into nothing, and the lid snaps so so smoothly. I don’t even think I can do them justice! I love the stainless Steel cups because of its size. It’s not overly large, but it is a bigger more Convenient size than all other ones I’ve tried. I can actually fit pretzels, and strawberries in this bad boy. and enough that he will be content for more than two minutes.
  5. Boon Flair High Chair I have had 4 kids and tried everything from the generic graco, to the cheap ikea, to the $500 MimaMoon high chair…to this Boon Fliar High Chair. HANDS DOWN its the best. guys. HANDS DOWN.
  6. Requeeze– Homemade applesauce, homemade smoothies, or even bottled. Who cares? What we love is these awesome pouches. They are sturdy, reliable and BIG. (not too big, just right). plus we just love this company and its roots. Go support them and give them a try. Pouches don’t just have to be for babies- my big kids love to use them all the time.

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