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Tips to Designing your new Kitchen

Remodeling on a budget or building your dream kitchen? You’ll want to make sure to read all these tips to designing your new kitchen before you start!


Cabinets are so essential for our kitchens, but the wrong layout  or the wrong type can render an area completely useless for your needs. Drawers are becoming so much more popular over traditional door cabinets on the lowers for a reason. They provide amply storage and ease! Typically the top drawer is smaller- great for heating pads, utensils etc. The second two drawers are deeper. But its your kitchen and you can design these drawers how you prefer!

Things you can store in your drawers

  • heavy pots and pans
  • separate draw for pan lids
  • tupperware stays so much more organized!

  • Store things like water bottles, and even your dinnerware

(this is a deep drawer so bottles can both stand up or lay down. Use little organizers for lids and straws.)

Another great use for deep drawers is keeping your kids dishes accessible.


ok, ok, butlers pantries have been around for centuries right? But right now they are also so very popular. The idea of getting all the small appliances off the counter and placed in a convenient out-of-sight closet sounds amazing. If you have the budget and the space for this in your remodel or build I highly recommend doing it! If you’re like me, did not have either (space or budget) Do it in your pantry! It’s as simple as adding an outlet, and possibly removing a shelf so there is enough height.


I have a post about the appliances I chose and why coming up, but in the mean time it was surprising to find prices for built-in’s. Don’t immediately rule them out as too fancy and pricy. Our fridge and microwave were about the same as regular appliances, they are larger and fit well with the layout, plus gorgeous. However, I found built- in ovens (wall oven) were much more pricey than the range I ultimately went with. So before you rule out these appliances double check your prices! They are so beautiful when they fit right in.


I LOVE these slots for my baking sheets. You dont have to have custom built cabinetry for these either. There are kits online and at your hardware store.


This has also been life changing. The garbage is hidden and dogs and babies stay out of it! haha Again, you can install your own with a kit from your local hardware store and I HIGHLY recommend it.


OH the sink question… and I have a more in-depth post on this too coming up. Figure out your needs first. I decided ONE sink (less maintenance) and to keep it in my island. I chose to keep it in my island because it is central. I didnt want my back turned to my kids while doing dishes, or turned from my guests while entertaining.

I love this Elkay sink, without any dividers. I can place my big pans in the sink and scrub away! It’s been amazing.


Think of all the cups you will not have to wash. A drinking fountain has had more use than I ever thought! We placed ours right around the corner of our kitchen where kids can run in and grab a drink from outside or from the island. It’s never far away. Elkay has this amazing drinking fountain + water bottle filler that both cools and filters your water. It was a no brainer when we finally decided on what kind of fountain we wanted. Your family will love the addition. You can place it in your pantry, by a laundry room or bathroom- wherever there is a water source fairly close.

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  1. Love love your kitchen! We’re looking for a bigger house and the first thing I’m redoing is the kitchen. Thanks for giving me ideas and answers to some of my questions.

  2. Currently in remodel mode over here. Love your ideas. Where did you get your trash cans? I need to buy some this week so we can design our pull out that it needs to fit inside.