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Fresh & Lean Family Dinners – A Two Week Summer Meal Plan

We are SO EXCITED to launch our Fresh & Lean Family Dinners summer meal plan today! Summertime eating is a favorite of mine. Who doesn’t love all of the fresh produce and outdoor grilling during this season? Our summer meal plan showcases all of those delicious summer foods.

pecans, blueberries, strawberries, blackberries

Why Meal Plan?

  • Meal planning helps keep your grocery bill within budget. (It also keeps me from eating out!)
  • Meal planning helps you eat healthier.
  • Meal planning eases the “whats for dinner?” question.

Pro Tip 1: Always make your meal plan with your planner so you can make note of your busy nights and plan an fast dinner or slow-cooker dinner, and also know when you can take the time for a decadent meal.

Pro Tip 2: Always make a grocery list from your weekly menu to avoid purchasing items you don’t need, and to prevent you from forgetting items you do need.

fresh summer salad in a white bowl

Two Week Summer Meal Plan

We know coming up with dinners can be a headache.  Last year we rolled out our free 7 day meal plan – and it was such a hit. We received MANY comments from our readers on how much they loved it! So this summer we are sharing some of our tried and true summer recipes in our Fresh and Lean Family Dinners Meal plan.  You’ll get:

  1. two weeks worth of dinners
  2. nutritional facts included!
  3. a weekly grocery list
  4. all of the recipes

3 glasses of fresh strawberry basil lemonade

WHY did we name it FRESH and LEAN?

We know its hot, we’re all working on our “swimsuit body” (ok maybe just staying healthy). Heavy foods don’t agree with either of those!  We produced meals that were all 600 calories or less per serving. Each meal is sure to be a favorite for EVERYONE in your family. They’re full of nutrient rich foods, so you, your friends and family will all be getting a delicious and nutritious meal!

We’ve taken away the headache of meal planning this summer by doing it all for you.  You can download yours for $6.99 $2.99:


summer meal plan highlight - a photo of chimichurri tacos with sliced avocado on a platter

Keep In Touch!

After you’ve tried out our meal plan, please come back and leave me a comment.  You can also keep up with us on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest for all of our latest recipes and tips.

A collage of summer meal plan meals including chimichurro tacos, caprese salad, cucumber salad, and veggie skewers

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