Dessert | March 15, 2016

St. Patrick’s Day Cupcake Tutorial


buttercream frosting-6

A few years ago I made some rainbow cupcakes like this for my son’s birthday party and they have become one of the most consistently pinned recipes on our blog. I’ve received a lot of questions about the who’s and the what’s about these babies, so I decided to do a separate post with all the specifics. I added the gold coin oreo’s because this is the PERFECT treat for your St.Patrick’s Day Party. You’ll Need::

  1. Cupcakes – whatever is your favorite. Bake and let cool. I found these gold cupcake liners at Michaels.
  3. Wilton Color Mist in gold– edible gold spray paint. I bought from Michaels craft store, also it’s found online.
  4. Golden Oreo Thins
  5. 1M Star Tip/ Gallon size bag
  6. Extreme Sour Rainbow Candy- I have the best luck at finding this candy at a grocery store. Super stores (i.e. super walmart/super target) sometimes have them, but I can alway rely on my local Albertsons to have this candy.

buttercream frosting-4

Bake your cupcakes. Prepare your frosting. Spray paint your oreos. Allow all to cool, dry and start frosting the cupcakes!

buttercream frosting-5

I like to use a gallon size bag, cut the tip of a corner off and insert star tip. If you place in a cup and fold over top it makes filling the back a cinch.

buttercream frosting-2

Fill with creamy frosting, and pipe on cupcakes. I love piping frosting on cupcakes. I honestly feel it goes SO much faster than the butterknife method.

buttercream frosting-3

Cut the rainbow air heads in half (any longer the rainbow won’t stay up) and insert into frosting.

Use gold coin oreo as decoration too!

buttercream frosting-9

No more all green food for your St.Patty’s day celebration- class it all up with these cupcakes!

buttercream frosting-7

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