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Rainbow Cupcake Recipe / St. Patrick’s Day Cupcake Tutorial

Who doesn’t need an amazing show topping (but easy) cupcake once in a while? This rainbow cupcake recipe is perfect for that! Perfect for unicorn birthdays, tricky leprechaun St. Patricks day pot of gold or just to brighten someones day! A few years ago I made these rainbow cupcakes for the BEST buttercream frosting recipe  and they have become one of the most consistently pinned recipes on our blog. I’ve received a lot of questions about the who’s and the what’s about these babies, so I decided to do a separate post with all the specifics.

many cupcakes with white frosting and rainbow candy topping


  1. Cupcakes – whatever is your favorite. Bake and let cool. I found these gold cupcake liners at Michaels! but these gold cupcake liners from amazon are a great price too!
  2. This BUTTERCREAM FROSTING recipe. (you will DIE it is so good!)
  3. Extreme Sour Rainbow Candy- I have the best luck at finding this candy at a grocery store. Super stores (i.e. super walmart/super target) sometimes have them, but I can alway rely on my local Albertsons to have this candy
  4. 1M Star Tip/ Gallon size bag (for piping frosting)
  5. Extreme Sour Rainbow Candy-


when I first made this post they were hard to find!! but thanks to the ease of amazing you can grab there for a great price. Here is the link for the Airhead Xtremes Sweetly Sour Candy BeltsI used. If you are looking at the stores check in the actual candy isle.

Additional Toppers:

  1. Wilton Color Mist in gold-– edible gold spray paint. I bought from Michaels craft store, also it’s found online.
  2. Golden Oreo Thins

materials needed for cupcakes

STEP 1: Bake your cupcakes. Prepare your frosting. Spray paint your oreos. Allow all to cool, dry and start frosting the cupcakes!


I like to use a gallon size bag, cut the tip of a corner off and insert star tip. If you place in a cup and fold over top it makes filling the back a cinch.

step wooing how to insert bag into cup for pipping

Step 2: Fill the bag with creamy frosting, and pipe on cupcakes. I love piping frosting on cupcakes. I honestly feel it goes SO much faster than the butterknife method.

step of cupcakes being frosted


Cut the rainbow air heads in half (any longer the rainbow won’t stay up) and insert into frosting.

PROTIP: When making your frosting make it on the thicker side. Don’t add too much milk. You want it to hold its form from the piping and hold the rainbow up. (but don’t make it too thick you can’t pipe it out of the bag either. Just a nice firm frosting)

how to place rainbow on cupcakes

For additional delicious and clever cupcake toppings for a St. Patty’s day party use the shiny golden oreos as toppers too! No more all green food for your St.Patty’s day celebration- class it all up with these cupcakes!

one cupcake with cold coin oreo on top of cupcake

Tell me about it!

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