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8 School Lunch Box Must Haves

When it comes to lunches – there are some must have supplies to get the job done!  Today I’ve compiled a list of items that will make your lunch packing quick and easy. The image below is clickable – so if you’re interested in one of these items it will take you to the amazon listing with all the details.

lunchbox must-haves

Now that most everyone has started school, or is about to – it’s time to talk school lunch!  I grew up eating hot school lunch and I loved it! But school lunch just isn’t what it used to be. I feel I can send a more nutritious, and more cost effective lunch with my little boy.

planet box lunch box - stainless steel

1. Lunch Boxes

I’ve listed a few favorites here.  My son loves his planet box.  I can separate all of the items and he gets a little sampling of non-touching foods and eats so much more than he would otherwise.

OmieBox lunch box with insulated insert
 I’ve also listed the OmieBox – which I love because of the insulated container for hot foods.

yumbox lunchbox

If you’re looking for a smaller box – check out the Yumbox.  They fit perfectly into store-bought lunch bags and are the ideal size for little tummies.

Lunchbox Accessories

ice packs stacked

2. You definitely need an ice pack – so why not get one that’s stylin’?  I love these shaped ones – they are easy to freeze and clean.  I chose the penguins because that is my son’s school mascot, but they come in a variety of fun shapes.

lunchskins reusable baggies

3. I go thru so many dang baggies!  IF you want to reduce waste and go easy on your pocket book you need to checkout Lunchskins!  They are reusable snack bags that are perfect for school lunches.

hydroflask kids water bottle

4. We love our Hydroflasks around here, so why not share the love with your kid – this 12 ounce version is perfect for your little one.

funbites sandwich cutters


5. We love our Funbites cutter! It cuts your sandwich into perfect square, or your pancake, your apple…perfect for tiny fingers.

pampered chef sandwich sealer

6. I also adore my pampered chef sandwich sealer.  Skip the frozen ones and make your own!

apple cutter and corer

7. I also use my apple slicer all the time!  It is so fast to slice up an apple for the lunchbox.

zipsicle reusable plastic bags


8. Checkout our homemade gogurt using these reusable zipsicle bags.  They are the perfect addition to a lunch and you skip the waste and preservatives.

Now – don’t forget to take your teacher an apple!  Happy Lunch Making!

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