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How to make a Carnation look….NOT like a Carnation


Carnations are undervalued, looked down upon, and down right picked on. Nobody wants to receive a carnation, or even have carnations in their bouquets! Carnations are underestimated people! Yes, I too do not like the look of a single skinny carnation. However, did you know that Carnations last for WEEKS? They last forever. Plus they’re inexpensive. Those are pretty big pro’s in my book. Carnations also come in a variety of beautiful, vibrant colors- so no matter the season you can have a fresh flower arrangement on your table all year round.


In my floral design class, this is one of the best flower arranging tricks we learned. Along with some of these tips and tricks I mentioned in this post here Floral 101.


So, Lets talk about how to make a carnation look less like a carnation. Like, a lot less.

First you need a short (10″ tops), but wide mouthed vase. You can see I even used a small mason jar for a small bouquet with tea. The best is to use a vase with 2-3x the size of a wide mouth mason jar.  You will need to grab two-three bunches of carnations. Carnations are about $3-$5 a bunch. So cheap!


You want to take your carnations and cut them down to about an inch or two above your vase.

Cut them all about the same height so you’ll have lots and lots of fluffy blooms smooshed together.



Now, here is the trick….Pack them in nice and tight! Then they will end up looking like a big bouquet of peonies or garden roses and not skinny little carnations ;)


Make sure you feed them and water them often. Changing the water will keep them fresh and lasting for weeks!


ALSO- did you guys see our Valentines Gift Guide the other day?


I wanna add to that- and share my favorite everyday necklaces. Ive had a few friends ask on Facebook what their favorites were- and i realized I have a few, and they are amazing. These come in all price ranges. They light and dainty and I love wearing then for days at a time.

  1. Dogeared State of Mind Necklace 
  2. Maya Brenner Asymmetrical Letter Necklace
  3. Helen Ficalora Charm Necklace *you can enter to win a necklace one post back*
  4. Seoul Little Necklace


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