Tips & Goods | March 17, 2020

Home Activities For Kids

Have you found yourself at home with your kids unexpectedly?  We have gathered lots of fun and affordable Home Activities For Kids from around the internet.  Bookmark this page as a resource to bust boredom.

Home Activities For Kids – Cooking

We have lots and lots of recipes that are perfect for little helping hands.  Get your kids in the kitchen and teach them about nutrition and following a recipe.

Activities for kids at home - cooking.

Scholastic Learn At Home Program

This program is so fun.  Each day you have a topic that is accompanied by a video, a book, and an activity. This is a great way to incorporate some home activities for kid into your daily routine.


Virtual Field Trips

This document contains links to over 30 places that offer virtual field trips – like zoos, and even Mars!

Virtual Field Trips

Educational Apps

This document links apps that are offering free access to education programs for kids.

Educational Apps

Fluency & Fitness

Have fun moving and learning at same time!  This fun program is offered for free during school closures.

fluency and fitness

Virtual Museum Visits

This post links to museums that offer virtual visits.  Another way to do a field trip from the comfort of your couch.

Virtual Museums

Have Celebs Read Books To Your Kids

Storyline is a super fun site where celebrities read popular books.  Its a unique way to get your children to listen to books.

Raising Wonder Free Daily Projects

Raising Wonder is offering free daily projects that nurture your kids creativity.  Sign up and everything you need will be emailed to you daily.

Home actives for kids.

Color Happy by Rad and Happy

We LOVE color happy.  Its a monthly coloring page subscriptions that is so fun!  The pages are for both kids and adults.  You can print off as many pages as you like, and you get new ones each month! We believe there is no better home activity for kids that expressing your creativity.

Color happy.

Lunch Doodles With Mo Williams

Learn how to draw every day at noon with Mo Williams.  This program is a fun way to express your creativity.

Math Websites

Do your kids need some math practice?  This post lists 60+ Awesome Websites for Teaching and Learning Math.

Math websites

We Want Your Ideas!

We’d love to hear from you if you have more resources for our kids while school is cancelled.  Please drop us a comment if you have something we can add to this post.


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