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Everything you need to know about an air fryer

One of the new hot products out there now is the Electric Air Fryer. We have received so many questions and comments about this new appliance that knew it was something we needed to review! After owning an air fryer for a while we’re ready to tell you everything you need to know about an air fryer.


An air fryer is basically a mini convection oven. Because it is such a small space the air is able to get HOT VERY FAST, it circulates around the food and cooks it quickly, creating a crispy outside without drying everything out on the inside.

Which air fryer  do you recommend and is it worth the investment?

I highly recommend the Power Airfryer Oven if you are going to purchase an air fryer. This one is larger, comes with several shelves rotisserie and skewer options, is easy to clean and can perform several more functions than the regular air fryer with only a drawer type compartment for cooking. I like using the shelves with my fries and foods because the air can circulate 100%  around my food and cook it more evenly and faster.

Is it worth the investment? For about $135 it is not too expensive and can be used daily, if desired. It can almost replace a microwave. Not completely, but for the majority of foods we heat up our foods in the power air fryer. But some items we choose not to heat up in the microwave- like boil water and some other items. But I have to tell you reheating leftovers- like pizza is amazing! We also love to heat up our frozen foods like corn dogs, taquitos and of course french fries.

It’s also an awesome little oven for the summer time- so you don’t have to heat up your large oven and also heat up your kitchen/house! Using your regular oven in the summer can be brutal.

air fryer with sweet potatoes


Speaking for the power fryer oven it is really easy to clean! and most of the accessories are dishwasher safe. But they rinse off so easily I have yet to actually stick them in the dishwasher.


My favorite food right now to cook are sweet potatoes. Because, while I can cook them in the oven they cook in half the time and come out with the perfect crisp tender texture. We also love to heat up

  1. Alexia sweet potato fries! This is our favorite brand but we have also used regular potato fries and tater tots for easy quick dinner nights to go aside a protein and a veggie.
  2. ALL the processed foods (haha) Sometimes you just need a quick taquito, taco or chicken nugget for the kids for lunch- and this works perfectly! rispy outside, warm ready to eat inside.  Depending on how many you cook they’re done in about 5-10 minutes.
  3. Leftovers! As mentioned above- we love reheating our ModPizza leftovers. The crust comes out nice and crispy and the cheese cheesy!
  4. DESSERTS! Yes, they’re tricker because of the smaller size. So try making individual desserts in ramekins! Or later this week Kadee is posting a delicious dessert recipe.

Different air fryers allow you to do different raw meats in different forms so check your owners manual and the company’s cookbook to see what your fryer is really capable of.  For instance, the power fryer oven is capable of dehydrating, rotisserie and skewer raw meat, veggies and more.

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  1. Hello alongside the power air fryer oven, I have a halogen oven, which is great for oven jobs, that you don’t want to heat up the house for, and I also have an instant pot, great for beans, spaghetti, taco meat, and other various things, I’ve been an electronic technician, which first prompted my interest in electronic items, but for over 44 years I’ve been a certified chef so combining the two was a natural, I love the new cooking devices. Thank you.

  2. By the way these newer cooking items are easier than cleaning your oven, and much faster and more efficient, just wanted to throw that in. Thank you.