Side Dish | April 7, 2016

Wolf Gourmet Cookware Giveaway




We are so very excited to be giving away this amazing 11.5 inch Wolf Gourmet Skillet. I have been using their pans for everything this last month and have loved their quality, their ease of use and clean up and they are beautiful!!

I personally love to broil my veggies in this stainless steel skillet for this recipe for a BLACKENED SALSA. This skillet is been amazing, all of their pans have honestly impressed me. This skillet can handle the high high heat of broiling, has a large surface to hold tons of tomatoes, and lastly- the best part- has a smooth lip so all the juices and vegetables slide right out and into a blender. Have you tried roasting your salsa veggies? Have you tired roasting them in a skillet instead  of what is more traditionally used a cookie sheet? This is LIFE changing.


When I use a cookie sheet I have to line it with foil.(not with the skillet such an easy clean-up) and then deal with all the transferring. It is so messy, and using large skillet is so easy. This one is an 11.5 inch. 

You can enter here to win your own!!


Wolf Gourmet Cookware Giveaway 11.5 Skillet



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  1. My current favorite recipe is beef stroganoff. Top Sirloin, mushrooms, onions, sour cream, noodles … all of my favorite foods. It is easy to make and the whold family loves it, although the grand kids would love to just eat the noodles with butter.