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Back To School- Homemade Uncrustable or…crustable in our neck of the woods






We kinda like uncrustables around here in my home, only,we dont call them uncrustables we call them crustables, and we dont just like them we love them. It came from the little boy :) The only thing is every time I go to buy a box I feel sooooo silly. I mean I’m buying my child a pbj! Is there anything in the world that is easier than making a pbj? suriously? and I can make it a lot healthier too. I do like that they offer uncrustables in whole wheat now, but still–I can’t eat them (blah) so why am I buying them for my child? **MAJOR PLUS**, just like the uncrustables at the store, these crustables can be frozen in batches ready to be pulled out last minute and thrown in a lunch box.


These are just as easy as a regular pbj, all you need is a special little cutter called a “Cut-N-Seal” from Pampered Chef


After I posted this yesterday it recieved attention. My little kindergartener LOVES his crustables (did I meantion he loves them yet?). If I make a regular sandwhich and cut it in half he is noooot happy. These babies are so easy I dont mind doing it for him.





*if you are making a batch and freezing the sandwhich you will want a thin coat of peanut butter on BOTH sides of the bread. Then the jam wont soak through.*




Let’s pause right here and talk about the ingredients you use. You can use whatever bread you prefer, I buy whole wheat, or white whole grain.


Peanut butter can also be your choice.


NOW for the Jam, jelly or preserves… I grew up with homemade, and am totally an advocate for homemade. The trick is to keep your eye out for when the fruit goes on sale. When it is spend the extra $5-8 (still way cheaper than store-bought jam) and buy a flat of fruit or just a couple of pints. You don’t have to make this an overwhelming task and buy half the store out. One flat will last months!


Then it is as simple as washing, blending, mixing some sugar and pectin into the fruit. Ladle into jars or small tupperware. Let sit for 30 minutes and freeze.You are finished in 45 minutes. and 30 of those minutes we were reading while your jam was sitting. *sigh*


You have yourself homemade goodness. Its free of of corn syrup and artifical flavors, extra perservatives. Sure it has sugar and a little bit of pectin but it is FRESH! and it TASTES fresh. not to meantion it is SOOOOOO much cheaper.




Back to the sandwich….


press. twist, seal. oh and no need to waste the crust- my kids usally eat it on the spot, or on the way to school :)











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