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Ikea Kitchen Must Haves


I LOVE IKEA. I know I am not alone in this love affair either! Walking through their expertly designed mini-rooms, eating their meatballs, roaming the downstairs for all the possible-knick knacks you could ever possibly need! And the prices are great! However, I know how overwhelming IKEA can be. There is SO much stuff…it would take hoooours to wander through every nook and cranny. I know I’m probably missing some good stuff. I put together some of our favorite IKEA kitchen must haves! and I want you to comment and tell me what I am missing. What do I need to pick up the next time I’m there!! seriously. I need to know!




honestly, their website kinda stinks, I’ve added all the links below!

1.SOCKERART= Use it as a pitcher or a vase. or BOTH. lemonade or peonies. perfect for both! (its food grade approved)

2.SOMMAR= BEST Smoothie Straws (or anything straws). Don’t kid yourself. Just go ahead and buy 3. or 5. they’re incredible. (we even throw them in the dishwasher for a few extra uses.)

3. CHOSIGT = Grater + Container! Two sizes of graters, two containers, two lids. It’s steady and durable. I’ve had mine for YEARS…and it doesn’t move all around the counter when your using your power muscles to grate that cheese!

4. POKAL Bowl- She is the perfect ice cream bowl….or anything else!

5. $ .89 OFTAST BOWL! Seriously. This is my FAVORITE right now!! They don’t chip. They don’t scratch. You can afford enough of them so that after one meal of cereal not all your bowls are dirty. Perfect Kid size too.

6. ARV BROLLOP= Cake Stand. Beautiful, feminine glass,with a LID that’s ¬†affordable!

7. Tea Infuser.¬†This is not a favorite because it is so inexpensive!! Seriously I looked for one of these for months! I couldn’t bring myself buy a simple tea infuser for $12 at Starbucks.

8. PLASTIS=Dishwashing Brush. suction cup on the bottom- life.saver. (no more searching at the bottom of the sink for the brush)

9. ELLY= Dish Towel. They’re huge, quick drying and so country chic. They’re a pack of 4! and come in two color. Different styles also available, but we personally like the stripes.

10. KLACK TRAY= beautiful, neutral place ANYWHERE tray.

11. IDEALISK= Big Beautiful Strainer. blueberries, pulp, noodles! you name it, strain it.





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