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Choosing Your New Appliances

Picking out new appliances for your home can be overwhelming. Between brands, prices and customer reviews there is so much Information out there! Today I’m sharing the brands I went with, why and how they have performed.


The beautiful thing about having a large following is all of your collective advice and wisdom. I was struggling with investing in a large 48 range, slightly out of my price range, or going with the standard 30 inch for now. You guys pushed me to the 48″ and i’m so glad I did.

Something to consider when investing in your appliances:

Will this appliance be a standard size? So if I want to upgrade down the road it won’t mean a complete kitchen remodel? 

For me, if I had the budget to upgrade my range it would mean changing cabinets and flooring. It turns into much more than just a larger stove. So investing now was the wise choice.

I have the 48 inch ZLINE range, in matte black, and I love it! It is beautiful but more than just being beautiful it works amazing! For a gas stove of this size with these features it really is a great price. It is about $5000.

Some of my favorite things about the stove:

  • its professional size
  • burners ignite easily
  • griddle/grill
  • no electrical buttons! everything is knobs so no panels going out on me.
  • option to bake convection or regular
  • the small oven for small batches or 9×13 dishes
  • the easy rolling shelves in the oven!
  • easy to use.

black stove next to white cabinets


While i’ve heard great things about bosch it wasn’t until I asked on instagram and 100’s of you recommended we go with bosch. Afterwards we noticed all the consumer reports said the same thing. Bosch dishwashers are the leading dishwasher in the business. Their best rated one? The basic line, and thats what we bought. Everything has come out super clean however it loads quite differently than any other traditional dishwasher. I suspect thats why it cleans so well.

These range about $600 dollars, grab it on sale around a major holiday if you can. 


Originally we had a frigidaire side by side picked out that was more designed for  residential use than I would say this whirlpool is. But we were kind of in a bind. You can get very high end side by sides that range for about $6000-$10,000+ but that was way out of our price range. This whirl pool has mixed reviews, but we decided to give it ago. So far it has been great, the real test will be over the next few years how it performs. If you are seeing this post down the road feel free to shoot me an email to see how we’re doing.

built in fridge and wall cabinets

It does not come with and ice maker, but for $40 it wasn’t too expensive addition. It does not have any water filling station, and i was ok with that. I have been tired of cleaning up the water on stainless mess from over the years. We decided we can get a filtered pitcher for the fridge or use our water fountain if we needed. We have not missed it at all.

These frigidaire and whirlpool fridges are about $3000-$3500. Considering many french door fridges are a little over $2500 I feel this is a great price for how much storage your getting plus the professional look. 

drinking fountain mounted on wall with basket under


In all honesty, when it came to microwaves we were looking for a larger microwave with a good wattage at a decent price +  a “built-in”. We did  not have any recommendations for the insta-world or real world from friends so we took a plunge in the dark. We found one in our price range and have been very pleasantly surprised by its power! I didnt have high expectations… its a microwave. But we love it!

The microwave without the trim kit I believe was about $300. The trim kit was an additional cost, about $75. Microwaves have a huge range in price, sizes and watts. It’s hard to compare all these factors side-by-side, but for the size and wattage this was a pretty good deal. But if it is too high for your budget check the same line for smaller microwaves. 

white sink black faucet with built in fridge in background


When shopping for appliances many companies offer a great discount when you buy their package including all the appliance. Builders tend to do this because they really get an awesome deal. We’ve been asked why we did not choose to do this? I would have had there been an appliance that made a package with a little more professional options -like a 48″ stove and the side-by-side fridge. But they don’t. So we found appliances that fit our needs and style on sale!

kitchen with white bar and 6 barstools, hanging cement pendants

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  1. Hi beautiful kitchen. I am definitely going with the 36 in. Z line range since I have a smaller kitchen. How do you like the electric oven. ? Or does the 48 in comes with a gas. On the whirlpool fridge I am not able to find it online may I ask where you purchased it from thanks a lot