Scotch Chocolate Sheet Cake

This scotch chocolate sheet cake is SO GOOD. It's one I crave all year long. Seriously. Fluffy cinnamon chocolate cake with a creamy smooth frosting makes the BEST combination.

Ingredients Cake –2 cups sugar –2 cups flour –1 teaspoon cinnamon –½ teaspoon salt –1 teaspoon baking soda –1 cup butter –4 Tablespoons cocoa –1 cup water –2 eggs –½ cup buttermilk –1 teaspoon vanilla Frosting –½ cup butter –4 Tablespoons cocoa –¼ cup milk –2 cups powdered sugar –1 teaspoon vanilla

1. Add dry ingredients and mix together. 2. Add butter, cocoa, water, and bring to a boil. 3. Combine wet and dry ingredients together. 4. Pour into sheet pan and bake! 

5. Make the frosting by melting and bring the ingredients to a boil. 6. Rapidly whisk your powder sugar into the chocolate. 7. Pour warm frosting over cake. 8. Cool the frosting and cake together, creating a light shell.


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