Easy Lime Chicken Marinade

This is the ultimate sprite chicken recipe!! A simple homemade lime chicken marinade infuses chicken with bold lemon lime flavor while also tenderizing the chicken! It's the citrus marinade that creates this flavor bomb and I'm sure once you've tried it, you will never go back.

Ingredients – 4-6 chicken breasts – 1 cup soy sauce – ½ cup vegetable oil – 1 cup lemon lime soda – juice of one lime – 2 garlic cloves minced – 1 limes lime zest

1. Place your chicken in a large bowl.  2. Add the oil over the top of the chicken. 3. Next add soy sauce. 4. Then add the garlic.

5. Grab your can of Sprite. 6. Pour it over the chicken. 7. Grate the lime. 8. Squeeze the lime juice into the marinade.

How to Cook Marinated Chicken: -Bake -Grill -Smoke -Stove Top

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