Smoked  Al Pastor Tacos

Salty savory delicious smoked al pastor tacos made with pork butt are one of our very favorite tacos! They are just not very easily replicated at home- so we decided to make our own version of a delicious smoked pork taco al pastor recipe.

INGREDIENTS – 3-4 lbs Pork butt or pork shoulder MARINADE – 2 pasilla chile – 5-6 guajillo chiles – 6 garlic cloves – 2 teaspoon cumin – 2 limes – 2 chipotle from can of adobe – 2 tablespoons of adobe sauce – ¼ cup vinegar – 3 cups pineapple – 2 tablespoons sugar – 2 tablespoons salt – 1 teaspoon mexican oregano – 1 large onion – 1 cup orange juice

1. The dry chilis will need a bit of work. 2. place your whole chilis in a pan 3. Add water and bring them to a boil and boil for 10 minutes.  4. Once they are soft and boiled you can remove the stem and seeds.

5. Start with liquids. 6. Add the chipolte pepper, adobo sauce, sugar, a good amount of salt, and lime juice. 7. Add the boiled chilis, Mexican oregano, and cumin. 8. Blend!

9. Lay the pork shoulder on a tray to start injecting the meat. 10. Place the needle into the pork and move it in four directions squirting marinade into each direction. 11. Continue this all over the pork shoulder until about half is gone. 12. Pour remaining al pastor sauce over and under the pork butt.

13. Preheat smoker and smoke for 3 hours. 14. At the three-hour mark, begin spritzing the top of the pork with apple cider vinegar every hour. 15. At about hours 6-7, you should see the fat cap separating and splitting. Remove from smoker. 16. Wrap the pork shoulder up in aluminum foil.

17. Return the foil-wrapped pork to the smoker until the internal temp is 200-204F. 18. Remove from the smoker and let it rest. Once cool remove the bones from the pork. 19. Shred the pork. 20. Once the meat is shredded, use your favorite toppings and assemble your tacos.

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