Side Dish | February 22, 2019

Protein Snack on the go

Having a delicious, easy protein snack for every situation has become a staple for me! High protein gives me great energy without a ton of calories. These Bold Bites by Foster Farms have become one of our family favorites snacks.

This post is sponsored by Foster Farms Bold Bites. All opinions are our own. 

foster farms bold bites with purse, phone and keys


If you follow us on instagram and facebook you see us in person a lot more than you see us here. As many of you know I’m currently pregnant AND have been diagnosed with celiac disease. I also have lupus…all three of these combined means that I need to almost always have something to snack on. This has been kind of tricky for me being pregnant and so busy with my 4 little kids AWLAYS on the go ALWAYS  trying to find a healthy energy-giving snack without turning to bread and carbs that easily fill me up. What has solved my problem? These perfect sized snack bags of Bold Bites.

hand holding a small bowl of chicken bites

I am seriously ALWAYS on the go- I often will grab a fruit for a snack but find myself starving after a little bit. Now I pair it with these bold bites and that extra protein helps me last all the way though my errands!

Reasons why I love Foster Farms Bold Bites?

  1. Its REAL chicken. It doesn’t taste processed or feel processed.
  2. SUPER Convenient to pack/grab/snack and go
  3. Easy and affordable to buy from the store. I just passed them today at Walmart- in the packaged deli isle!
  4. My kids love it love to pack it in their lunches!

bag of bold bites in lunch box with fruit


They have decided that their favorite flavor combination is the parmesan! I personally can’t decide- I love the diversity of all flavors. The chili verde and cajun style are pretty high up there.

5 bags of different colors and flavors of the chicken


Even if you’re not pregnant, but a human being who gets hungry you need to pick up a bag of these! They’ll help carb your craving for eating less healthy food (ie grabbing fast food, or picking up a bag of carbs) and give you energy to carry you to your next meal!

bowl of chicken surrounded by items from purse



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