Tips & Goods | December 10, 2015

Step 2 Kitchen Giveaway


Today we are giving away this wonderful Step 2 play kitchen. My little boys love to help me in the kitchen. Especially my 4 year old. He is always climbing up on a stool, talking my ear off, begging to crack the next egg. He is also at the perfect age of pretend play. We have loved this Step 2 Kitchen. We keep it on the main floor where I am usually cooking and cleaning. They will play and pretend for so long- calling each other on the phone, pushing the microwave and oven buttons. Getting water and pouring drinks. When friends come over it keeps them entertained for hours. I love the clean look of this particular kitchen. White and grey! It goes with any home, won’t go out of style and you likely won’t get sick of.


We will often make a batch of these super simple, perfect chocolate chip cookies and play pretend with them.They will cook them, bake them, and have a little tea party with them. Click on the link for Recipe.

chocolate chip cookies-2

Step 2 Lifestyle Dream Kitchen Giveaway


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