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The Art of Serving with Food // Service Series

Today we are starting a holiday series that I have been wanting to do for literally years. I began pitching the idea of a service series years ago, but the time just never seemed right. A few months ago, we began planning our holiday posts and I decided this was the year! You might remember Des’s post from last week with her Almond Poppyseed Bread– we were so lucky to collaborate with the LDS church and introduce their Christmas campaign #Light the World! The timing of our service series was perfect to follow. This week we will have various posts sharing service friendly recipes, meals and tips. And as Des eluded to- an amazing giveaway coming tomorrow!

Mini Zucchini Loaves

There are a few reasons we decided to host this series. First, not everyone is comfortable cooking for other people, let alone transporting it and sharing a meal with a friend, neighbor or even stranger. Second, finding universal recipes for family can be intimidating, especially for picky eaters, special diets, or vegetarians.

Last, but most important, serving others is something that we believe in. Doing good to others, sharing of our talents, and showing love and compassion all encompasses the art of serving! And what a better way to serve than with food. Whether a full meal, baked goods or even a warm drink- I would venture to say most recipients would be more than touch by the act and the generosity. And thus, the Art of Serving with Food Series begins!

Today I’m going to share a few universal tips that can hopefully apply to most meals or recipes.

Use Disposables

If I could stress one thing more than any other, it would be to use disposable serveware. If not, you might not see your beautiful bowl again! On a less self-serving note, disposable items are much kinder to the recipient. They don’t have to worry about washing, keeping track of and returning items. If you have been sick or afflicted- the last thing you want to do is return loads of Tupperware and dishes.

Use tin foil pans like these mini ones to serve warm items in like sautéed veggies, or sides of rice. Obviously they are perfect for breads but really can be used for anything! The larger sized can be used for casseroles. If making brownies, bake it in the tin foil pan! 

Mini Zucchini Loaves

 Keep Service Simple!

Don’t try and go all out to impress. Choose a recipe that you are comfortable with and is a “no fail” type of recipe such as this zucchini bread! For me this is an easy recipe that I can’t screw up so I love to bake it in mini-loaves and give to unsuspecting friends.

Mini Zucchini Bread

Have Fun While Serving

Third, disposable can still have a nice presentation! Use clear cellophane to wrap up mugs of drink mixes, mini-loaves of bread or plates of cookies. These make excellent gifts to say thank you, or thinking of you! This might not work for large meals, but smaller treats can still have a great effect!

Service Ideas

Add a note!

Take a few minutes to add a card. It will be the finishing touches that make the service that much more personal and meaningful. I’ve even received cute sticky notes on plates that made me smile! It’s all the extra thought that counts!

Service Ideas


There are so many fun was to serve with food! Be creative and have fun with it- but even if it means buying takeout, go for it and make someone’s day!

“As we lose ourselves in the service of others, we start discover our own lives and our own happiness.” -Dieter F. Uchtdorf


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