Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale

Does anyone else have Christmas money that is burning a hole in their pocket?  The Nordstrom half yearly sale starts the day after Christmas and runs thru the new year.  This is the perfect sale for that Christmas cash. Today I wanted to share a few kitchen favorites from the sale that will put a smile on your face and your wallet.  Okay, okay - I threw in a pair of shoes as well, because I just couldn't help myself. (all images are clickable) Le Creuset on Sale There are TONS of Le Creuset items that … [Read more...]

Stocking Stuffers For The Foodie In Your Life

Christmas is creeping up on us - and I am frantically trying to finish up all of my shopping and wrapping.  Infact - today is Super Saturday and there are lots of good sales going on for the last minute shopper.  Stocking stuffers are always last on my list, however I always enjoy filling my family's stocking with treats, and small items - and always an orange!  Today I wanted to share a few stocking stuffer ideas (or hints) for the foodie in your life. Stocking Stuffers For the Busy Mom To kick off this little … [Read more...]

Christmas Cookies

If you like Trader Joe's Joe-Joe's you'll love our Holiday Ho-ho's (without the E). Our favorite people from Blendtec made an incredible video on how to make our Christmas Cookies in their blender!!! Can you imagine making them in a blender? SO easy! What's even better is you can enter to win a blendtec over on our instagram!!   Several years ago we hosted The Great Cookie Exchange! It was so much fun! We have thee cutest downloadable invites, tags, recipe cards etc. You can find all the free … [Read more...]

Buffalo Chicken Sliders

I've had this idea running thru my head for a while now - the idea of featuring all of our recipes that can be made in a 9x13 baking dish.  Everyone has one, and the recipes you can whip up in this common pan are numerous.  So this week we'll be featuring some new 9x13 recipes as well as reminding you of all of our previous 9x13 recipes. This post wouldn't be complete without mentioning our favorite 9x13 pan.  The Fiesta rectangle baker.  I truly truly love this pan.  It always washes up nice and has resisted chips … [Read more...]

Baja Beer Battered Fish Tacos // Rubios Copycat

I can still remember the first time I ate a fish taco.  It sounded terrible.  I was resistant to try it.  I was 14 years old, and I had traveled to San Diego, CA to visit my aunt.  She picked me up from the airport and insisted we stop at Rubio's.  All I can say is that it was love at first bite.  Years later I moved to San Diego to attend college, and stayed in southern California for nearly 15 years.  Rubio's was a staple.  My husband would pick it up every Saturday - and fish tacos were always my number one choice. … [Read more...]

Almond Joy Breakfast Shake

Oh So Delicioso has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #KashiPlantPower #GOTOGETHER #CollectiveBias Who else struggles with breakfast!?  I am ALWAYS rushed in the morning, so my go-to breakfast is always a shake.  I've come up with some fun, tasty recipes over the years - and so I thought I'd share one of my staples today.  With all of the processed foods these days I like to start off the day with something that is good for me, so I find a breakfast shake … [Read more...]

Baskin-Robbins Warm Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich

This post is sponsored by Baskin-Robbins. I have a 5 month old little boy.  He is so smiley and rolly polly and precious.  It's all I can do to not nibble him all day long.  When I was pregnant with him I MAJORLY craved Baskin-Robbins.  I sent my husband on late night runs ALL.THE.TIME.  So when Baskin-Robbins asked us if we wanted to try their new Warm Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich there was no way I was going to say no. My little family made an evening of it - everyone got to choose their own warm cookie ice … [Read more...]

4th of July Tablescape with Fiesta

The 4th of July is right around the corner - so I wanted to share with you what I have planned for my celebration!  Independence Day is one of my favorite holidays.  I love being surrounded by friends and family while celebrating our country. I love a pretty presentation (who doesn't?!) and red, white, and blue are some of my favorite colors to dress up a table with! I started out with a festive tablecloth that I found while browsing the aisles at Home Goods.  All of the tableware you see here is by our fav - … [Read more...]

Baked Chicken Parmigiana // Helen Ficalora

Enter our Mother's Day Giveaway HERE Boy do I have a tasty and easy dinner for you today.  Even if you are the main cook in your house - you can easily hand this recipe off to someone else while you sit back and relax this Mother's Day! Mother's Day is one day that is pretty darn special to me.  Growing up I always dreamed of being a mother.  I had their names picked out, how many boys and how many girls...I knew exactly how many years would be between each of them.  Of course life rarely goes as planned. … [Read more...]

Super Bowl Foods

Some days calories don't matter. Birthday. Christmas. Thanksgiving. Super Bowl Sunday. (.... huh?) They are special days we set aside to hang out with friends and families. We catch up on our lives, laugh about old times and also, maybe, some cheering yelling and chest bumping. Of course we cannot do all of that with all of this (insert emoji finger pointing DOWN! ) Delicious FOOD. What would a party, or a holiday for that matter, be without food!? Here below are only SOME of our favorites. There are seriously so … [Read more...]

Chocolate Creme Brûlée // Arvo Watch Giveaway

We have such a lovely giveaway and recipe for you today.  We are giving away a GORGEOUS Arvo watch and we are sharing a decadent chocolate creme brûlée that is perfect for your special holiday dinner.  Let me jab about this dessert for a bit - and then I'll get back to the giveaway. Creme Brûlée is my FAVORITE favorite favorite dessert.  But I understand that there are some out there that really prefer a chocolate dessert.  I have the perfect solution - chocolate creme brûlée.  My husband and I first discovered … [Read more...]

Green Pancake and Chocolate Cherry Trailmix Lunch

My 4-year-old started preschool this year, so I'm a total newbie at this lunch-making business! Over the past year I had seen others using these PlanetBoxes and I knew I had to have one once the time came for me to become a legit mom. Soccer practice started the same week, so I reached all sorts of crazy levels of mommy hood that I'd never done before! I love the safety of stainless steel, the absence of plastic baggies (cost and environmental reasons), how easy it is to clean, how organized it keeps things, and I … [Read more...]

Sunbasket Giveaway

Today I want to share with you my experience with a new meal delivery service called Sunbasket.  These services are popping up - and I really like the concept.  Fresh ingredients and recipes delivered right to your door.  No meal planning, no shopping, and you get a home cooked meal at a reasonable price.  One thing that has turned me off about some of these services were to strange meals I would never be interested in eating - but I found Sunbasket's meals to be so appetizing!  So when they offered to let me try their … [Read more...]

California Turkey Sandwich // UP MOVE Jawbone

Last week I shared with you my desire to lose baby fat and how I was using the UP MOVE by Jawbone in this post. One of the meals I've been fixing is this delicious Kalua Pig recipe. Today I wanted to share a few lessons I've learned and how the UP MOVE have given me the insight. Also a bomb turkey sandwich because we are a food blog after all. First the turkey sandwich.  I've mentioned before in the past I worked at a sandwich shop in college. It was the best job ever. Taught me some food skills, introduced me to … [Read more...]

The Rotisserie Chicken {Cooking Tip}

The Rotisserie Chicken is one of my secret weapons!  I use them as a shortcut to creating delicious meals without cooking a chicken.  I love to eat one of these for dinner with a side salad, but I love them even more as an ingredient in a delicious recipe.  The meat is perfect for soups, casseroles, enchiladas, salads and more!  My Costco sells them for $4.99 - and they are so good!  They are moist, they are flavorful, and cooked PERFECTLY.  When I make a Costco run I buy 2 or 3 along with other bulk items. When I … [Read more...]

Homemade Chipotle Salsa // Blendtec Giveaway

We are all pretty dang excited about today's post and the recipes that will be coming this week.  This week is all about Blendtec.  It's no secret that around here we loooooove our Blendtecs!  A few years back my husband told that I could either buy a Blendtec or a designer purse for my birthday...and I chose the Blendtec!  I have never looked back.  I use mine at least once every day, and usually multiple times a day. Many people think that blenders are only for making green smoothies, but I'm here to tell you that … [Read more...]

Omelet In A Bag // Zwilling JA Henckels Cookware Giveaway

Years ago at a camping trip family reunion my aunt taught us how to make these omelets in a bag.  Sounds weird.  But trust me - they are amazing.  We were all so so skeptical and stood around the big pot of boiling water while our omelets cooked.  To our surprise we each slid a restaurant perfect omelet onto our paper plates. All you need are a few eggs, a few tablespoons of milk or water, add ins of your choice, a gallon sized freezer bag, and a pot of boiling water. Place your eggs and milk in the bag … [Read more...]

Baked Crispy Chicken Nuggets // Hedley and Bennett Apron Giveaway!

Who wants one incredibly rad apron?! You should all be saying me please!! Today we have a stellar giveaway with Hedley & Bennett, the LA Based apron company who is taking the culinary world by storm. I've been following the founder Ellen on Instagram for quite some time now and have watched her skip across New York, doodle with her color pencils, and dangle her feet from her H&B Headquarters. She is one hardworking "Lady Boss" and her booming company reflects her ambition. I've absolutely loved watching her and … [Read more...]

Chopped Pepperoni Salad // Ninja 2 in 1 review

There is a restaurant in San Diego called Sammy's Wood-fired Pizza.  While their pizza is good, the thing that I always look forward to eating there is their pepperoni salad.  It is one of those things that you think about after you've left the restaurant and crave for the next few days. Now that I no longer live in the San Diego area I had to re-create this salad to satisfy my craving.  Take my word for it - this is such a fun, fresh tasting, and yummy salad!  It pairs perfectly with a delivered pizza, or with … [Read more...]

Mock Winter Sangria

My husband and I love to entertain!  We host 3-4 parties each year and enjoy every second of it!  I am always on the lookout for perfect party food and drinks.  I am also on the lookout for serving ware that will go with any theme.  Over the years I've accumulated lots and lots of platters and drink dispensers.  Party-ware is a fun little item to keep an eye out for. Recently I was introduced to Tervis drink ware - shown here in the pics.  I am loving their entertaining collection!  The glasses are double insulated … [Read more...]

Pear Pomegranate Salad // Count Me Healthy Giveaway

I have been so excited to share this post with you all!  About a year ago I was introduced to the company Chelsea Charles.They create beautiful jewelry and I was instantly drawn to their Count Me Healthy Bracelet.  The bracelet it such a unique idea - the beads move, but will stay where you place them - so you can easily keep a health journal right on your wrist.  You can count whatever you're working on - calories, carbs, points, pounds lost, fruits and veggies consumed, vitamins, prescriptions, hours between meals, … [Read more...]

Peach Cobbler Smoothie + Mommi Bottle

Here's something about me...for years I have typically fixed up a protein smoothie for breakfast. They are quick, easy and packed with good stuff. A chocolate peanut butter is my go-to and I'm full until lunch. Pour it in a cup, drop the kids to school, and off to errands. Exciting I know, but that's my morning! The only problem I have had, is that I can't continue this routine when pregnant. (And my cup has spilled a time or too.) Many protein powders have trace metallic contents that are not pregnancy safe (or kid … [Read more...]

A Doll Party: food for girls and dolls

Sydney was so funny about her food. She was VERY specific. She wanted Mac n Cheese-- Homemade Mac n Cheese--dirty cokes, and fruit! AND we had to make sure there was a plate for the dolls too!  Most of these dishes can already be found here, so I'm posting links to them to help you out : ) But First, I want to talk about this lil' Dirty Coke, more often called a "Dirty Diet Coke" which I must admit it does flow much nicer like than "dirty coke...however, diets aren't for me unless I want a screamin' headache later. … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving Review-Sides

If your holiday hasn't already started it'll probably start some time today. I'd like to start mine too! so I'm going to keep this short and sweet. We hope you have safe travels, and happy eating!   Here are some sides we are all making this year for Thanksgiving.     1. Creamy Grape Salad   2. If you are bring simple fruit, pair it with this Fluffy Fruit Dip   3. Cranberry Salsa   4. Berry Pretzel Cream Cheese Dessert   5. Caprese … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving Review- Drinks and Appetizers

  (for the refeshing drinks)   1. Cranberry Mint Water   2. Veggie Water   3. Homemade Lemonade   We are ready for this turkey dinner already, are you? I mean...... I especially can't wait to see my Grandma- who I just don't see enough of, can you ever see enough of your Grandma? My kids can't wait to see their Grandma (and Papa, who are we kidding) . AND it's my birthday!!!  have I meantioned its my birthday? ok. I wont go there again. It's kind of been my birthday … [Read more...]

LobLee Camera Bag Giveaway!

Hi friends! Hope you had a wonderful weekend! First off we need to announce the first two winners of our Spiralizer Giveaway!! And if you didn't win or still want to enter you can! Click here for the original post and rules. There will be one more winner chosen at the end of this week! Be sure and check out the GEFU facebook page and website. If you don't win remember we have an EXCLUSIVE coupon code to buy a spiralizer 20% off. GEFU is professional quality. This is a steal of a deal!! And the winners are...Margie G … [Read more...]

Anna’s Favorites

I consider myself a Plain Jane. I love all things simple. I tend to gravitate towards the cheaper stuff but when I find something I love, I'm not afraid to spend the money. I love to share things that have made my life simpler and more organized. Most of my recipes are quick and easy to make. Life can get crazy sometimes so I like to keep things uncomplicated. Here are a few products that have made my life better! 1. Small Whisk. I'll never go back to a big whisk. I am constantly pulling this out of my dishwasher … [Read more...]

Monday Muse – Anna

1. This Cake Carrier from World Market has so much character! It even has a latch to make sure the lid doesnt come off and you end up with cake all over your car while transporting it to the party. 2. These measuring cups are adorable. I love the colors and designs. Pier 1 Imports rarely disappoints. 3. Mason Jars are so hot right now. I have gone to the extreme and thrown all my plastic containers in the trash and have 3 different sies of Mason Jars to save all my leftovers in. My refrigerator looks much more … [Read more...]

Fourth of July Barbecue Recipes – Go ‘Merica Series and BAJA CORN SAUCE

The Fourth of July happens to be one of our favorite holidays. First of all it is during summer.. one of the most fun seasons. Water-balloon fights, early morning jogs, endless barbecues, hot nights around the bonfire, fresh fruits and garden veggies, what is not to love about summer?! Then throw in a huge BBQ with sparkling fireworks,  family and friends, memorializing our blessing of living in a beautiful country and the heroes that have given us our freedoms. And you have one special and magical day. The Fourth of … [Read more...]

Our Top Ten Favorite Recipes

The great thing about OhSo is that we've got 6 different food preferences going on around here. We've compiled a list of our top ten favorite recipes. They are in no particular order, but seriously, don't miss out on these babies.   1. Grandma Doxey's Dinner Rolls         2. Bacon Cordon Bleu         3. Scotch Chocolate Cake         4. Chicken Fried … [Read more...]

Brighter and prettier

Yes yes more updated recipes! Meaning we have a few skeletons in the closet. And we are working hard to fancy up those suckers. We kind of love looking back at our old food photography pictures and seeing how far our skills have come. If anyone has seriously tried at food photography you know it is not an easy task. We've been practicing, with out any formal training for pretty much forever :) and we still feel there is room to grow!! But in the meantime we are testing and perfecting. Redoing and polishing. Below are a … [Read more...]

For a FancySchmancy Easter Morning::

Hi, my name is Des. And I'm eat-out-aholic Hi Des I didn't always used to be like this. I used to be healthy, and happy in the kitchen. It all started about a month ago when we decided to move. It all happened rather quick. And well, I'd pack and clean till 6, then realize. whelp, its too late to make dinner.... Then I moved my kitchen, but realized, with 3 inch high piles of dust and crumbs in my cupboards that I couldn't up-pack my kitchen. SOO then it took a few days to clean my kitchen. even then I … [Read more...]


Every now and again we do these "re-posts" of old posts. This bloggity has been around since before food blogging was big, HOWEVER, it was a recipe blog with just purely recipes, hardly any pictures (if they were pictures, they were pretty pathetic). So while the pictures were sad the recipes were/are NOT! they are soooo delicioso we want you to now see it, maybe remind you of a recipe some of our faithful followers use to make. We are workin our way up that long ol' recipe index and fine tuning these recipes, including … [Read more...]

Dips Drinks & Desserts

Your Party is going to Rock!   And this is why...because your food rocks.   You have no control of the score of the game,    but you can definitely score on the food.   Here are more of our famous recipes.     Should we start with The Drinks?      the Classic   Ice cold << REAL >> Lemonade       << The Fizzy >>     Sparkling Apple Punch                                                     … [Read more...]

Givin Thanks

Yesterday we had a FEAST! What good does it do to give you the feast recipes after Thanksgiving? None right? Here let me back up- We had a fun lunch meeting on Friday just chattin blog stuff. Talking about YumPrint.... when we had this CRAZY idea to do a Thanksgiving Dinner and post the recipes. Then we realized we had THIS weekend. So, in TWO days we pulled this off. Feast your eyes. We went all out. Steph and Carly volunteered for decor.And they cooked. I fried the masterpiece turkey, and did a few … [Read more...]


Its so sad to be forgotten. No one wants to be forgotten. There are some old forgotten recipes on our bloggityblog who have been itching to be remembered. To help them out, I took some pictures. Maybe they will draw you near, cause they really aren't bad. they really won't bite. But you can bite into them! ha ok cheesy. you saw that one coming?  This is one of our all time most popular posts! and yet it has never had pictures!! Thank you aubs for the delicioso pics. Pulled Pork by Paula Dean and … [Read more...]

In The Mood For Chocolate?

I recently made 2 recipes from this blog and neither of them had pictures of our own so I snapped some. this scotch chocolate cake is the devil. I made it for a dinner with a small family- which left us with like a half a sheet cake. NOT GOOD. finally finished it off yesterday. It was hard work.   No bakes are a classic eh? We added some cadbury eggs for seasonal fun.     and These breadsticks are a staple. They are easy, fast (making bread is hardly ever fast, but these are!)  fluffy and … [Read more...]

TItan Peeler Giveaway

We decided to do a giveaway!! We want more followers for ONE reason- We love this blog, we love these (yours and our) recipes and seriously want to share them. We have been re-working the blog to make it better. (still working on it!)  More pictures, and better design. (Aubrey did the blog design) More recipes and ones you'll likely make. Or at least, recipes so good- that even if they sound "if-y" you should just trust us and make them. This titian peeler is AWESOME. What? you already have a peeler? ya right. … [Read more...]