Soft Caramels (regular, cinnamon, licorice)

softcaramels-12Never in a million years did I think that the soft caramels would become as popular as it as. NEVER. Thats the funny thing about blogs, and pinterest, and recipes. We put up a recipe dear to our hearts and sometimes they take off and go crazy and sometimes no one looks at them (poor babies). Right now? want to know what is going crazy on pinterest? Carly’s maple blueberry french toast casserole, and the sweet n sour meatballs and the soft caramels (holidays). next week it will be something different.

softcaramels2-2 softcaramels2-1

The soft caramels have been pinned probably around a million times, give or take. (I wish our blog still had our pin-it counter dang it!) We get comments on it weekly. These babies are my favorite christmas tradition, that I borrowed from my high school best friend.( I will let you read all about that on the original post) The first time I made them I was not a caramel genius. I followed her instructions… had to dump the second batch, and probably a few others over the years.  I’m not a candy specialist….. but these caramels I’ve got down now and they are SOO good WHEN you follow directions.

Can I repeat that? FOLLOW the DIRECTIONS. (it’s like first grade all over again huh)

If something has gone wrong its not the sugar’s fault, its not the recipe’s fault, it probably has to do with your pan, or your heat or most likely your CANDY thermometer. maybe the spatula, or the lack of stirring by someone…we won’t point fingers… ok, now that that is out of my system, do NOT let that warning scare you. Like I said, I am no candy specialist and I can make these caramels. You can do this!!
The recipe is pretty much the same for all, regular, cinnamon and licorice caramels. you only add a little flavor and coloring at the very end… you don’t need to learn three different recipes or methods for these three different caramels. Thats good news right? OR add some salt. Wrap them up pretty and they are a perfect little gift.
softcaramels-7 softcaramels-8 softcaramels-9 softcaramels-10Don’t be afraid to add a little sea salt…yeah buddy.
softcaramels-2 softcaramels-11
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  1. Hello! These look great, but the “click here for a tutorial” doesn’t work … Could you have a look at it :)

    Love, Martyna

  2. Thanks for sharing these! This is exactly what I was looking for. :)

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