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Hello friends, how are ya today? Are you loving this grab bag giveaway? I know its a little different approach to our usual foodie-ness but it is kind of a nice break for us to express our love for things besides food. (Don’t get me wrong.. we love a good piece of cake) but we also venture outside our kitchens :) As a mom to three, I feel like I’m always spending oodles on new kids shoes, school fundraisers, books, toys and fun things for my kids. Really they aren’t spoiled, but even the basics cost.  So when I get to buy something for myself, it is a treat to say the least. I guess my list is a little sparse but that’s how I am, keep it simple. As much as I have fun shopping, that’s not what makes me truly content inside. BUT a girl has to wear clothes and carry her camera some how so might as well have fun getting covered and carried…


1)  Have you seen these layered rings floating around? I am loveing this look. Subtle with a little personality. Haven’t bought any yet, but they are going on my Christmas wish list and this adorbale Esty Shop has some at a good price.

2) A rockstar pair of sunglasses. These lovelys are from BonLook. I recently bought a pair of regular glasses from them and think they are awesome. My next step is sunglasses.. and these ones are looking pretty amazing. Pair them with that black dress!? oh I’m in love. Classic with a little crazy.

3) One of my hobbies is photography. And probably because I love to take pictures of my kids and working on a food blog, I need to take pictures of food! I love the challenge of learning something new and pushing myself to be a little better. I am definently not a pro, and would love to have some fancy camera equipement but for now as a hobby I am happy. One thing tho, I’ve been on the hunt for a new camera strap. I’ve seen some amazing leather ones with pretty amazing price tags too. As much as I want an awesome camera strap, I’ve got other things that demand my mula first. I ran across an adorable CAM IN strap first on etsy, then search the name on Amazon and found a few. Just to keep price checking I Googled Cam In camera strap and came to the home site. They have a huge selection of very afforable straps. I’m having a hard time deciding which one is for me… but decided that this one was for you!!! (hint hint… grab bag…)

4) I am a sucker for a lovely dress. I scrolled passed this on ASOS a week or so ago and am soo so in love. You know how when you want something and you don’t buy it. Then the next day you think about it a wished you bought it. Then the next day you are still remembering that awesome find you passed up. That’s how I know it was something I reeeallly love and will run back and try and buy it. If its gone, oh well I probably should save the money. If its still there, then I know it was meant to be. And feel better about not impulsively buying. Anyways… this dress has been on my brains. I think I need to go get it. Simple and lovely.

5) My hairs have gotten long as of late and a little unruly. I have alot of fine hair so volume can be an issue. I rely on my wand to pump up my curls.. I recently bought an Enzo Milano curling want…and it’s pretty amazing. Using a wand helps to create volume that a curling iron flatens down.. The picture above, my hair is a little flat this is prior to my want investment. (My price was not a great as this amazon one.)

6) AND my new favorite product.. As I was just saying my hair stuggles in the volume departmet. This Surf Spray by Bumble and Bumble is amazing. I literally just bought it a few days ago and am so so in love. It gives my silk limp hair a little texture that hold through the day with out having to rat or use hairspray for a bouffant do. Really in love.

Click here to enter our Grab Bag Giveaway! Did you see yesterdays Charm by Helen Ficalora? seriously.. I know you want a new camera strap..


20 Sep 2013

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