About Us


HELLO!! We are so happy you have stopped by our little food sanctuary in this crazy cyberspace. I am Des (Top Left) Founder of Oh So Delicioso. I started it as my own personal easy to access recipe book, but felt it was awfully lonely. Along the way different friends from all over the country have contributed their timeless, famous recipes to this special website. We hope you enjoy them!

Des currently lives in Southern California! She has 4 little kids, teaches music lessons and passion for food photography!! To learn more you can her on insta as @de5arae.

Kadee (top right)  resides in Seattle Washington and is a mama to 3 small, very busy boys! While she is a skilled and talented photographer on the side of Oh So, she also loves make-up. She has the best tips, tricks and knowledge on anything beauty related.

Stephanie (bottom left) lives right outside Dallas TX. She has 2 darling children and is the most amazing nurse you’ll ever meet. She has a sassy sense of humor and the best southern accent in her writing! (if y’all haven’t noticed yet)

Aubrey (bottom right) is my BEAUTIFUL SISTER! (I’m so lucky!) She lives in Twin Falls Idaho, is a mother to 4 wonderful, happy children, talented photographer, partner to her husbands busy optometry practice and amazing friend to those around her.

We all met in Southern California. We would hold the best blog meetings and blog parties. Eat tons of thai and cookies. So much laughter and food filled our lives! Slowly jobs changed, husbands graduated and everyone moved away from each other. We are still fast friends, we text almost daily, vox even more and drive each other crazy with all our strong opinions…but- however strong our opinions are our love for each other is even stronger.