Tacos Al Pastor

Honestly if it weren't for my husband I would have always stuck with carne asada tacos. I am the kind of person who, when finds a dish they love at a restaurant, sticks to it. I will be the most loyal human to that dish they ever did see. I suppose I'm like this for two reasons.... 1. If I'm going to spend my hard earned money on something it better be good! 2. I'm usually going to that restaurant because I totally craving that specific meal! My husband has a great knowledge of mexican food and culture. So while he … [Read more...]

Chocolate Fondue

  If there is one thing that I have served at gatherings that is always a hit - it is this chocolate fondue!  The recipe is simple and it is really such a crowd pleaser.  I received this fondue pot as a wedding gift and I've used it so so many times for various recipes - but chocolate fondue is by far the favorite.  Fondue can also be made in a saucepan and served warm in a dish if you don't have a fondue pot. One of my fondest memories is visiting a fondue restaurant with friends when I was a newlywed.  We had a … [Read more...]

50+ Pressure Cooker Recipes

We have loved pressure cooker week! We hope you're dying to go out and grab one, we absolutely love ours. We firmly believe they will save your school night dinner scrambles, so you can spend more time doing homework with your kids having Bachelor nights with the girls. As a recap, basically anything that can be done in the crockpot can be done in the pressure cooker 2-3 times as fast. you have to have liquid in the pot, so you're not going to get anything crispy in there. You can totally make desserts, frozen-solid … [Read more...]

Mini Pressure Cooker Cheesecakes

One of the things I kept seeing you could bake with the pressure was cheesecake. Sound perfect, right? You get the moisture needed for cheesecakes, and a quick bake time so you can start chilling them. Because CHEESECAKE! I tried this three different times until I got the cook time right. I used my Grandma's cheesecake recipe, I love it every time. I've done mini cheesecake bites as well as a regular cheesecake in a 9" pie plate, but I mostly wanted to test out baking methods for the pressure cooker. And on the … [Read more...]

Chicken and Rice with Crispy Onion Strings

This. Is. Comfort food. Creamy rice, soft and hearty veggies, juicy chicken thighs, and salty onion strings.   I've had this basic recipe for a while now, and every time I make it I am pleasantly surprised how delicious this simple meal with simple ingredients is. The leftovers are also just as good, and soul-warming on a cool, fall day. Leftover turkey would also substitute the chicken perfectly. I've written out instructions for conventional oven baking and pressure cooker cooking. Oven takes about an hour to bake, … [Read more...]

Tangy Black Beans and Rice – Pressure Cooker

Are you guys convinced yet that pressure cookers are pretty amazing? Steph's previous post vegetarian chili and pot roast had me drooling.. if you didn't catch her pressure cooker roast and chili recipes you need to go check them out! Today I'm going to share a simple yet delicious black bean and rice recipe. Since I received my Power Pressure Cooker XL a few months ago I've been playing with different recipes and cooking methods. Many so good and quick! But the function I found myself utilizing the most was the … [Read more...]

Vegetarian Chili

Pressure cookers are really fabulous for cooking meats super fast and making them really moist. But. Veggies need some love too! This is the perfect chop and dump meal. Prep everything, open some cans, and throw it all in there. Done in 10 minutes. This vegetarian chili is totally customizable, forgiving, and if you really want some meat, you can totally add chicken, turkey, whatever you want. Super healthy, and you can add all the kid-friendly toppings. TEN MINUTES, guys. [amd-zlrecipe-recipe:690] … [Read more...]

Pressure Cooker {Frozen} Roast Beef and Potatoes

I think I've found one my newest favorite kitchen gadget. The pressure cooker. Aubrey and I have been testing out these Power Pressure Cooker XLs over the last several months and I have been SO IMPRESSED. We knew we wanted to see how well they work and what we could do with them, but we were especially excited to see what dinners could be made super fast in honor of this crazy back-to-school time and all of the upcoming busy weeknights we are anticipating. We'll be bringing you a few new recipes we developed for … [Read more...]

Deconstructed California Roll Bowl

Bowls are the new plates.  It's true.  Martha Stewart said it, so it's true.  Ha ha!  Really though!  Have you noticed how popular meals served in bowls have become?  I love serving food in the Fiesta bistro bowl.  They are truly one of my favorite pieces of dinnerware.  The depth is perfect, they are chip resistant, and they are beautiful to boot! Today I'm serving up a California roll...in a bowl.  Who is a sushi lover out there?  If I'm being honest - I'm pretty reserved when it comes to sushi.  No sashimi for … [Read more...]

Top Kid Dinnerware Products

Over the years we have been contacted by several companies and have tried soooooo many different children dishes, serving ware, dinnerware, cups, bibs, snack packs and cups. YOU NAME IT! We've also spent our own money on trying out different brands. So I wanted to share with you the children's dishes that have made the cut in our house. The ones that work too dang well to giveaway to friends and the goodwill truck ;) and guys this is NOT sponsored. But you can shop everything on the post by click on this slider, or … [Read more...]