Elote en Vaso

Tacos are life. Especially here at OhSo, I don't believe we've met a taco we didn't like. Velvet Taco is one of my favorite taco joints here in Dallas (shrimp and grits taco is next on my list of things to recreate). One of my friends introduced me to their elote. Many of you may have had elote, or corn on the cob with all the traditional Mexican slathering of mayo, lime, cheese, spices. I can't do the mayo, so I was super stoked they didn't use that, AND! and they put it all in a cup for you. I had to ask my Mexican … [Read more...]

Classic Guacamole

I really haven't ever met a soul who does not love a good bowl of guacamole!? (not that they don't exist!) I have a secret ingredient to my own recipe that always has friends asking for the recipe! Wanna know what it is? I'll tell ya, just not yet. You know that I often work with one of my favorite grocery stores, Ralphs. This month they challenged us to make a recipe of the best guac of our life! They also are hosting a huge sweepstakes. The sweepstakes will run between Friday, July 15 – Wednesday, July 20, head … [Read more...]

Pantry Props

I just moved into a house with a big beautiful kitchen....the best part?! the PANTRY!! It's like a walk-closet. For years I've lived pretty much with just a shelf or two in the kitchen cupboard. Now I don't know what to do with all this space. Before, I would store some stuff in the garage on some shelves, but I didn't ever have a proper back-up supply of foods, and definitely no food storage. (I like to have at least three months in my pantry, trust me, it's come in handy when we have gone through rough … [Read more...]

Radish and Bean Green Salad

Well hi there summer.  I love your food.  Seriously.  I love summer food.  There is nothing better than eating tons of fresh produce on a warm summer evening.  I recently moved to the pacific north west and I am literally in love with all the local farm grown produce we have here.  I couldn't help but toss together a tasty salad to go along with our grilled shrimp the other night.  It turned out so fresh and crisp with lots of bite - so I knew I had to share here. The inspiration for this salad was these fresh, … [Read more...]

Baskin-Robbins Warm Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich

This post is sponsored by Baskin-Robbins. I have a 5 month old little boy.  He is so smiley and rolly polly and precious.  It's all I can do to not nibble him all day long.  When I was pregnant with him I MAJORLY craved Baskin-Robbins.  I sent my husband on late night runs ALL.THE.TIME.  So when Baskin-Robbins asked us if we wanted to try their new Warm Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich there was no way I was going to say no. My little family made an evening of it - everyone got to choose their own warm cookie ice … [Read more...]

Spicy Caribbean Shrimp with Mango Quinoa Salad

You guys. I cannot tell you how excited I am about this new recipe. Summer is slowly coming to an end, so you must make this right now. Although I do see it as a warm, light and delicious escape to the tropical Caribbean during the cold winter months, especially when all you've been making is creamy soup and heavy pastas (what, you don't do that during the winter?). I love this because you can do all of the prepwork earlier in the day (or during naptime) so that dinner time isn't as stressful! So easy! The … [Read more...]

Chicken and Asparagus Skillet Dinner

Oh my goodness!  This was the best dinner!  And I only dirtied one pan to make it.  I have the pickiest eater known to man - in the form of a 4 year old boy, and he gobbled this right up and asked for more.  The flavors in this dish were so fresh and yummy - it is definitely going on the regular dinner rotation. This meal is perfect for those busy nights when you need a quick dinner and no fuss. I love LOVE my Fiesta cooking ware.  The non-stick is perfect and cleans up like a dream!  Not to mention that they … [Read more...]

Roasted Red Pepper Hummus BLT

Who is a Zupas fan?! My family and I recently went back to visit Utah and play in the mountains (oh, my heart...my poor, aching heart!!!) and I had to have some of my favorites to eat. Plenty of dranky dranks and sugar cookies, and perhaps one of my most nostalgic places, Zupas. We have a few copycat recipes here, like our Nuts About Berries Salad, Wisconsin Cauliflower Soup, and now this. My little family and I were running by my favorite drive-through drink and cookie gas station and needed to pick up some … [Read more...]

Mediterranean Salmon

We are summer eating in full swing at our house!  Our dinners are full of fresh produce these days and we all love it!  My 2 year old spends dinner time shoveling food into his mouth and saying "yum yum yum" in between bites.  I love that he loves to eat fresh fruits and veggies - now if I can just convince the 4 year old.  It's so funny how each child is different - even when they are exposed to the same food.  My 2 year old will eat an entire water melon, while my 4 year old will not even taste it.  I do believe that … [Read more...]

Raspberry Sour Cream Cake

This cake is hands down one of my favorite desserts.  My mom made this growing up and I've continued to make it as an adult.  I've served this time and time again and have yet to meet someone who didn't ADORE this cake.  It is the perfect balance of tart and sweet. The cake is dense, served cold, and moist!  It's one of those desserts that you just want to keep eating and eating and eating. You make the cake in a jelly roll pan - the large 11x16 baking sheets with a lip that you can sometimes find at Costco.  I … [Read more...]