Blue Cheese Herb Butter + Steak Kabobs & Father’s Day Giveaway

Today were having an early celebration for FATHERS DAY!! We have a wonderful GIVEAWAY and a perfect meal for the man in your life.... Did you catch yesterday's post with the Cilantro Lime Butter to pair with chicken kabobs? Today's recipe is a perfect match deep flavor and steak. Either herb butter from today or yesterday will please your man, either of these recipes can be used on a either type of meat. And they don't have to be kabobs either. Kabobs are really family friendly for several reasons (like the meat is … [Read more...]

Cilantro Lime Butter with Grilled Chicken Kabobs

I love grilling. I love that it is fast, easy and leaves me with one less pan to clean. I'm lucky and live in Southern California where the weather allows me to pretty much grill all year round, and I totally do. Even if I lived in a climate with cold weather, I'd probably try to grill all year round. Do you do that? Do you grill? Do you hold back? What stops you? Skill? Knowledge? Don't currently own a grill?  You don't even have to have a fancy grill. Mine is small, inexpensive grill that fits nice and perfect on our … [Read more...]

Mojito Fruit Salad

One of my favorite things about summer is the juicy, fresh produce. Especially from our farmer's market. ESPECIALLY those of the sugary, sweet variety. Make your simple syrup with juice, lime juice, and sugar. Sometimes I go a little overboard and buy a ton of my favorite fruit, nectarines and peaches, so the other day I busted out a cobbler for a friend I took dinner to (while I ooh'ed and ahh'ed at her new, precious little bebe). Smoothies are always wonderful with ripe fruit, but I almost feel like it … [Read more...]

Greek Pitas with Tzatziki Sauce and Homemade Pita Bread

These pitas are a Greek medley of flavors party in your mouth.   They just feel healthy. Healthy enough to eat a handful of dark chocolate Cadbury eggs and another handful of thin mints for dessert. It's March, so it's not summer yet here, but this makes it feel like it. I can't wait to bust out these babies in the heat! Tzatziki sauce is one of the best parts of Greek food. Fresh, cool cucumbers are used to create a beautiful, dill-infused dip. Grill some chicken, layer with lettuce, olives, tomatoes, … [Read more...]

La Croix Apricot Fusion

Have you guys jumped on the  bandwagon yet?  One of my biggest weaknesses is soda!  I love an icy cold soda at about 3pm - with a straw.  Many times I've tried to kick this craving with so much luck!  When I heard about La Croix I thought it was something I could get behind and try and slowly get off of my soda addiction.  La Croix is a sparkling water with a flavor essence.  They have lots and lots of flavors to choose from.  Today I'm drinking apricot which is the perfect summer flavor. La Croix has a ton of … [Read more...]

Vegetarian Lentil Tacos

It's been awhile since I've done a post! It's good to be back!  Back with a fun, healthy taco dish that your family will love.  It's a bit of a twist on the traditional ground beef, pinto bean cheesy taco, this one has a mediterranean feel!  The best part, it literally takes at most 20 minutes to make, so if you are having one of THOSE days, which let's be honest happens to me about 4 out of the 7 days a week, this meal is a perfect go to. Lentil tacos are rich with protein, low in fat, full of flavor, color and … [Read more...]

Citrus Glazed Salmon

Boy do I have a yummy and easy dinner for you! Many years ago my husband and I took a weekend trip to Seattle.  One of the first places we visited was Pike Place Market downtown.  We loved wandering thru the beautiful flowers and fresh produce.  And we were so amazed by the Famous Pike Place Fish Co.  This fish company is famous for throwing their fish from one worker to the other when they get a sale.  There are motivational videos and documentaries about the culture of this company that are used by businesses … [Read more...]

Summer Strawberry Pie

Well this dessert is going to rock your socks!  Simple enough to whip up the morning before your barbecue, yet delicious enough to make everyone go back for seconds. I recently made this fresh strawberry pie for some neighbors we had over for dessert. Their cute little boy ate it up and kept asking for more. Licking his lips he said, "Oh this is good! Mom will you please get the recipe?" I was flattered of course, but then again I knew it would be good!  And if your wondering if this is the same strawberry pie recipe … [Read more...]

Summer Quinoa Bowl

May is Celiac Awareness Month. Are you aware of Celiac disease ;) 10 years ago if you asked me I would have had no idea, but about that time one of my best friends was diagnosed with it and it changed my way of looking at food for good. She is extremely sensitive to anything gluten. I can't even touch my gluten and then touch anything that she will later touch without her getting sick from it. I remember thinking about all the things she COULDN'T eat back then. But now, the food industry has come such a long ways in … [Read more...]

Salted Caramel Apple Crisp

The other night my husband's boss came for dinner.  I served up Desi's Rubio's chicken tacos in honor of taco Tuesday, which I knew would be a hit and easy to whip up.  And then I had to come up with a dessert.  I had some apples in the produce drawer - so I decided on apple crisp.  Then I took it a step further and decided caramel apple crisp would be tastier. I pulled out Steph's salted caramel recipe - and this dessert was born.  I made them individual sized, because who doesn't love to eat their very own … [Read more...]